Find Your Balance


"There is no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves" - Frank Herbert


Finding balance is the key to a better health of body and mind.  


When we think about health and sports, diet and exercise are typically the first things that come to our mind. However, health isn't just about the physical body. Our mind and body are interconnected and effect each other tremendously.


Over the years I have been working as a physiotherapist, I have come to appreciate how important it is to maintain a healthy balance between body, mind and soul by nurturing your whole self; including your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.


In combining evidence-based physiotherapy with yoga, I found a holistic way of treatment I can offer to you. My knowledge of anatomy and physiology combined with yoga forms a balanced approach to preventive health care, rehabilitation and a better perception of your body.


My purpose is to give you guidance and inspiration to take action and awareness in self healing to find peace and comfort in life.